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The Lakers opening day at the Staples Center. The reaction of the Laker fans should not have surprised anybody and definitely should not have surprisedKobe Bryant for that matter. What do you expect after insulting your teammates and demanding to be traded, especially when you are the heart and soul of the team and are, or should I say were the most beloved Laker of them all. The crowd didn’t wait for the game to start to show him how they felt, they booed him loudly during the pregame introductions. Another beloved Laker who came back to the team after spending three seasons away was Derick Fisher who received a thunderish ovation during his introduction. The first time Kobe touched the ball during the game the booes continued but that all ended as the game progressed and instead of booing Kobe the crowd was cheering him on loudly, especially toward the end of the game when the Lakers were making a late game run. Kobe Bryant ended up scoring a game high 45 points. The Rockets were ahead 86-78 with 2:43 left in the game.

Didn’t look the way the Lakers visioned the season beginning. Fisher hit a jumper with 13.9 left in the game that tied the score at 92 points each but Shane Battier retaliated by hitting a three-pointer with 2.5 seconds left to give Houston the lead for good. Coach Phil Jackson had Kobe playing this game on the wing, which Kobe prefers. That left Derick Fisher as the facilitator of the ball which is what Fisher can do well. Surely having Fisher on the team will help Kobe Bryant’s game greatly as Kobe can consecrate more on what he does best – scoring. Fisher had 17 points and two assist in the game. Lamar Odom sat out and may miss a couple more weeks before he gets back on the court. Besides Kobe and Fisher the other Laker starters were Luke Walton, Brown and Turiaf.

Three guys who would never start on almost all other teams, just goes to show youLakers, there is none. There was a clumsy play during the game were Walton and Brown fumbled a bouncing ball and Luke accidentally bounced it right into the basket. Everyone got a laugh out of this one and Tracy McGrady was credited with the two points. McGrady finished the game with 30 points and Yao Ming had 25 for Houston. The next chapter for the Lakers? Just the Phoenix Suns in Phoenix who come in with a starting line up of Steve Nash, Grant Hill, Staudomire, Marion, Bell or Barbosa. Now that’s a starting lineup! But I don’t care what they have. We have the greatest player in the game (for now) – Mr. Kobe Bryant. So that means we always have a chance to beat anyone! Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)

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