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A good softball player has power. Power is the name of the game in softball. Whether you are a pitcher or a batter, power is your best friend. A powerful pitcher throws balls at blinding speeds, which leads batters to miss the ball entirely. Meanwhile, a powerful batter slams the ball out of the field, and out of the reach of defensive players.

Resistance training is the best way to build power. Just make sure you don’t just train any muscle, but train those muscles that you need in softball. That includes muscles in your arms, shoulders, legs, wrists, as well as your core muscles.

A good softball player has quick wits. With plays happening at blinding speed, players are left with little time to react to situations that put in front of them. That’s why it’s important for a softball player to have quick wits. Teams need players with quick decision-making skills, and you can’t succeed in elite softball circles without it.

Reaction times can be improved with exercises such as the ‘finger flash’. In this exercise, a batter is positioned on the box, with a pitcher at the pitcher’s mound. Instead of throwing the ball, the pitcher flashes one or several fingers. It is, then, the job of the batter to count how many fingers the pitcher flashed.

There you have it. I have just sharesd with you some important softball tips on how a good softball player should be. Keep in mind that in order to become a good softball player, you need to take a total approach towards your game. You cannot just rely on power to take you there. You also need the other qualities that I shared with you in these softball tips: quick wits, speed, and agility.

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