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NY Yankees tickets are your excitement-loaded passes to watch the Yankees fight it out on the baseball field. The Yankees have been world champions 26 times and also have 39 American League Pennants to their credit. The Yankees are a professional baseball team based in New York City. Currently they play as a member of the Eastern Division of Major League. It was way back in 1901 that the Yankees club was founded in Baltimore, Maryland. The Yankees have been previously known as the Baltimore Orioles, and as the New York Highlanders. Since 1923 till date, the Yankees have been playing their games at the Yankee Stadium, their ballpark.

The History Of The Yankees

The Yankees are oft nicknamed as “the Bronx Bombers” and “the Bombers” by their fans. Their first matches began in the early 1900s. Till 1913, the Yankees were called the Baltimore Orioles and later as the New York Highlanders. However, after 1913, the team came to be called as the New York Yankees.

A major event that started the good fortune of the Yankees was the induction of Baby Ruth in the team. Often referred to as the ‘Curse of the Bambino’, the Red Sox made a ‘faux-pas’ by trading off Baby Ruth in 1920. Fans believe that it was this foolish decision because of which the championship of the World Series eluded the Red Sox for the next 86 years. Ruth’s home runs were like nectar to the hungry bees [read ‘fans’]. They bought NY Yankees tickets to watch their favorite baseball hero hit many home runs.

In the year 1921, the Yankees made their first appearance in the World Series and by 1923; they shifted to their ballpark, the Yankee Stadium, where the team has been playing till date. The stadium was nicknamed “The House That Ruth Built”. If you want to know why, get your NY Yankees tickets and join the other fans to cheer the team. Watch them play; you will know why the Yankees are the reigning baseball champion team.

In the 1930s, the Yankees rose to the very top of the AL. In fact, even the retiring of Baby Ruth did not dampen their spirits. They won four World cups in that decade. “Oklahoma Kid” Mickey Mantle joined the team in late 1940s-early 1950 and was a major contributor to the team winning the World Series five times from 1949-1953. Mantle, Ford, Berra, Elston Howard and Roger Maris were the star players of the 1960s when the Yankees won more World Series championships and American League pennants.

Downslide And Up One More

Unfortunately in the early 1960s, the Yankees started to downslide right till 1970s. It was not till the time when shipbuilder George Steinbrenner bought the club from CBS and renovated the Yankee Stadium that the team got an impetus to rise above their low times. Fans bought many New York Yankees tickets to applaud their efforts.

Through the 1970s, the Red Sox were the biggest opponents of the NY Yankees.

The 1980s and 1990s were also whiled away without any winning of big baseball matches. Then the farm system through which talent was bought and traded was adopted and through it many fresh players joined the New York Yankees. Some of these players were Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte, Bernie Williams, and Mariano Rivera.

The Yankees started on an up-swing. By late 1990s, the Yankees had the best AL record. Their 18 year ‘no-show’ period ended and they stormed back into the baseball field at the start of the 21st century. Lately however pitching problems have been marring the team’s performance. But fans have great hopes both from the team and their first two professional baseball players from the People’s Republic of China. Little wonder they are all buying NY Yankees tickets. If you haven’t still got yours, get them from an online broker. Your NY Yankees tickets will be delivered right at your doorstep without any extra charges.

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