Lakers end 3 game skid and beat Sonics


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The boo birds came out at the Staples Center tonight as the Lakers were able to hold on and get a 106-99 victory over the not so good Seattle Supersonics. The Sonics came in with a 2-12 record and have been riding a 5 game losing streak. The Lakers have been riding a 3 game losing streak after winning 4 in a row. Something had to give tonight and thank goodness it was the Lakers getting the upper hand in this one. The boo birds actually came out in the first half as the Lakers fell behind by 7 points in the second quarter. They were able to catch up by halftime though and the half ended with a 54-54 tie. Kobe had another solid game scoring 35 points, grabbing 8 boards and getting 6 assist. He had some help tonight from Lamar Odom who has been on probably the worst slump ever in his career. Odom had 20 points and 8 rebounds.

Fish had 14 points and 8 assist, the kind of numbers we all would love to see Fish with on a nightly basis. That of course and his tough defense and we are all happy with Fisher. The win was big for the Lakers! It would have really hurt the teams confidence if they had lost this game to the Sonics and fell to a .500 record of 7-7. This after a great 7-4 start. Well, they are now 8-6 and need to put on some kind of winning streak now, give us 3 or 4 in a row. This game was not pretty and everyone knows it, but a win is a win and the Lakers will take it! “They made it closer than I thought they were going to,” Jackson said. “I’m not happy with that game, but it was a win and it gives us some momentum as we go along this week.”

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